Best Beaches in Mexico

Best Beaches in Mexico
There are many popular beach destinations in Mexico. Many of them have been conceived as beach resort towns and some have gained popularity over a period of time. The sands are light and powdery and the water is crystalline blue, with plenty of amenities and attractions to make your holiday a truly memorable one.
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Cancun has something to offer everyone. You can just laze around in the beach or look for some more adventurous activities. The tropical climate is a big advantage and the beaches are on the Caribbean Sea. The sand is white and the water is blue. If you want to go somewhere less crowded, you can try Playa Delfines. You have many options for water sports, such as sailing, fishing and, of course, swimming. Don’t miss the snorkeling and the scuba diving. Enjoy a great diving experience at the Great Mesoamerican Reef. You can also enjoy a good Mayan massage at the spas.

Playa del Carmen
It has scenic beaches where you can enjoy your stay at luxurious hotels and taste some delicious Mexican cuisine. Take your pick of condos or villas and even vacation houses, most of which are located near the coastline. It is located on the Caribbean coast and is south of Cancun. Have fun in the Mayan Riviera beach that is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You can relax under the umbrella and look at the blue sea and enjoy the breeze. Stroll along the Avenues to go around the markets and do some souvenir shopping. You can also visit nearby historical sites duri