Best Mexico Vacations Where You Can Enjoy Thrilling Experience

Some people are highly concerned when they want to travel to Mexico, but this country is hard to resist because it’s filled with beautiful white sand beaches. It’s true that some areas are dangerous, but you can avoid them by reading information about destinations in Mexico. The best thing you can do is take precautions before coming and don’t generalize the entire country for being dangerous because news outlets tend to blow things out of proportion. We need to evaluate the information further.

There is one thing we have to remember, that Mexico is very big. While some areas are notorious for having high rates of crimes, some are safer. It would be a waste of opportunity if you cancel your trip just because of this. The country has a lot to offer, from ancient Mayan ruins to awesome cultural heritage. It’s advised to know little about Spanish because people talk in this language here. You don’t have to be a native speaker, just understand common phrases that tourists usually use to ask about directions and other simple stuff. Another thing we like about Mexico is the friendly people. No matter whether you want to go to Cancun or another region, the locals are so friendly to tourists. You can ask strangers about anything, they’d be glad to help. Here are some best Mexico vacations:

1. Mérida

Mérida is a beautiful city, actually the largest in the Yucatan. But despite its size, this city doesn’t feel like a metropolis. It’s far from that, but still offers many fun things to travelers. If you’ve been to Europe, we’d love to tell you that this town has similar vibes. At the same time, it still feels Mexico, probably because the Mayan culture is still preserved to this day. The buildings have unique architecture painted in colorful pastel shades. The locals are also very friendly. If you care about nightlife, Mérida is a fun place to hang out with friends.

The weekend feels somewhat different from other days because people come out and people. There are rumors about Mexico being dangerous. Well, Mérida is considered one of the safest destinations in the country. You’ll also enjoy the food. Prices are very reasonable here, including the room rates. There’s no need to limit your food intake because foods are pretty affordable unlike other big cities. Accommodation is varied, you don’t have to stay at a luxury resort if you don’t have the cash to splurge. Some hotels offer rooms with rates lower than $30 per night.

2. Zihuatanejo

Before you fly to Zihuatanejo, make sure you check out accommodation deals to get a room at the best price. This is a perfect destination that you can explore with partner. There are so many resorts, but some are adults-only. For this reason, you should know exactly if a resort caters to certain demographics or not. You can find numerous attractions, like magic World Aquapark and Cocodrilario. Like many other Mexican destinations, Zihuatanejo boasts magnificent beaches, such as Linda Beach and La Ropa Beach. These two are popular with vacationers, but there are others that have views just as great. If you’re open to learning new cultures, why not visit the Archaeological Museum of the Great Coast? It has a collection of exhibits that will surely spark your interest. Besides increasing your knowledge, you will also have fun time. Just in case you want to buy something, head to the municipal market. It’s a place that every savvy shopper should visit as there is a broad range of items sold at bargain prices.

Best Mexico Vacations

3. Manzanillo

Why does it belong to the best Mexico vacations? The city holds the title as the sailfish capital of the world. For the record, it’s actually one of the busiest ports in Mexico. It has several stunning crescent-shaped bays with upscale resorts lining the coastline. Those who like to soak in the sun shouldn’t miss this destination. The weather is pleasant most of the time. When the weather is nice, the skies appear vivid blue. This creates a fantastic backdrop against the lush landscape. Jardin is another popular area you can visit. It’s where the locals have fun at night. The bars have shows and live bands that will turn up the atmosphere.

Finding seafood here is easy. You can have dinner at the shoreline while enjoying the wonderful views. There are plenty of fish to choose form, such as giant tuna, mahi-mahi, yellowtail, sea bass, etc. All the fish have unique textures and flavors, you gotta try them to find out which ones suit your taste. Another thing to do is checking out the shipwrecks on the sea bed in Playa Boquita. You can dive to find them or snorkel through the coral reefs if diving isn’t your thing. The marine life is abundant. Parrotfish, octopus, and moray eels are some common sightings.

4. Valladolid

Valladolid is one of the best Mexico vacations. We personally think it’s underrated although it’s not far behind in terms of facilities compared to other destinations in Mexico. This is a great place to find ancient ruins especially ones built by the Mayans. One of the sites is called Ek-Balam, located north of Valladolid. This has gone through excavation. It looks elegant with detailed work all over it. The next stopover is the pueblo of Ek Balam. This small village not only offers unique views, but also a great nightlife. Take your time to roam around because there are many things to explore.

We want to provide some useful tips. Keep in mind that the toll road has only one gas station, so make sure the tank is fuel before cruising around. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen because the sun is strong. Without skin protection, you will probably suffer from sunburn especially if your skin is sensitive. A hat will also help keep your head cool. We know that UV rays can be quite damaging, so don’t expose your skin to sunlight over a long period of time unless it has some kind of protection. We also warn you to be careful when stepping on the pyramid as the steps can be slipper. Shoes with good grip are advised to prevent you from tipping over.

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