Best Vacation Spots In Mexico that Offer Idyllic Views

What are the best vacation spots in Mexico? It’s hard to choose, but Mexico is known for its pristine beaches and bustling areas. It’s also culturally rich, so a vacation focused on cultural heritage would be perfect for this destination. However, it’s also worth-noting that Mexico has a not-so-great reputation when it comes to safety. There are several areas considered dangerous by many. For this reason, you need to read information before flying to this country. Now, what are the reasons to visit Mexico? First, a Mexico trip is budget-friendly. For travelers who are budget-conscious, Mexico is a perfect option. Not everyone has the money for a lavish vacation.

Mexico offers many things that make it suitable for even the most budget travelers. Just avoid bustling resort areas because the rooms are a bit more expensive there. If you want more reasonable rates, look somewhere else. Another reason to come here is because there are many things to do. Whether you’re into water activities like diving or experiencing foreign cultures, the country has everything for you. Besides, Mexico is easy to get around as you can find many modes of transport. Although none can deny the beautiful beaches, the natural diversity in general is outstanding. This is why you should explore the canyons, lakes, and other areas. Here are some of the best vacation spots in Mexico.

1. Puerto Escondido

A trip to Puerto Escondido isn’t that expensive compared to other destinations. Mexico has some bustling areas like playa Del Carmen and Mexico City. This town has a population of around 45,000, which is by no means large. For this reason, the place feels pretty quiet. Those who come here mostly come for the waves. Yes, surfing is one of the most favorite activities at this place. However, Puerto Escondido has grown a lot in the last few years. It has now become a favorite for developers to build all-inclusive resorts. There are some stunning beaches, but the beach Zicatela is worth-visiting. To ensure you get the best deal, avoid coming here at peak season because the room rates are considerably higher than usual. This is the case with other destinations as well, so not really a big deal. The choice of resorts isn’t as extensive as that in bigger cities. Thus, it would probably take time to book a room especially if you’re on a really tight budget.


2. Izamal

Izamal is another town in Mexico that’s not too big, but draws people in with its magic. What makes it magical? The answer is the cultural heritage. This is perfectly situated at a place where access to various sites is so easy. It can also be accessed with various modes of transport. The town is the personification of uniqueness. Just take a look at the yellow paint splattered all over the market and buildings. They really add unique charm to the city. Despite the thick ancient atmosphere of the Mayan culture, it still maintains its modern sides very well. The town is all about art and music. There are many points of interest, but you have to see the Franciscan convent placed on top of a Maya pyramid.

best vacation spots in Mexico

3. Tulum

It takes time to round up the best vacation spots in Mexico, but we’ll never tick Tulum off the list. What’s not to love about Tulum? This beach town is home to the most pristine beaches in Mexico. Sure, you can find white sandy beaches everywhere in the country, but if you need to know how it feels to see a pristine beach, then come here. They’re lined with hotels, so the views from the rooms are spectacular. It’s also easy to reach other popular sightseeing spots from this place. Do you know the Yucatan Peninsula? We believe you’ve at least heard it although you’ve never been there before.

Well, just in case you’re planning a holiday to Mexico, Tulum is a place we’d recommend visiting because it’s situated within the Yucatan Peninsula. The food is equally great. Mexican food is generally delicious, so give it a try. Being so close to beaches, seafood is easy to find and it’s fresh as well. Honestly, Mexico is one of the best culinary scenes where you can spoil your taste buds. Beaches are not the only thing that makes Tulum great. Apparently, the ancient Mayan ruins add to its appeal. There’s a lot to learn from these historic sites. They may look old, but the stories behind them are worth-reading. From all the sites, one that the locals consider the most iconic is the Tulum ruins site. Take your time to explore this place if you finally end up here in the future.

4. Los Cabos

This is another destination in Mexico where all inclusive resorts are easy to come by. Some are family-oriented, so feel free to take the kids with you. The pounding ocean can be heard clearly as it’s surrounded by beaches. Meanwhile, the wonderful views will inspire you. Whenever you feel the need to cheer up your day, just come here because it’s easily accessible from anywhere. Speaking of the resorts, they’re carefully built with sophisticated wood work and whimsical art. They also feature on-site restaurants offering dishes from different continents. Another thing you’d like is the hospitality because the staffs working at those hotels try their best to please customers. Despite being kid-friendly, it’s equally cool for adults. Just make sure to find out whether a resort is adults-only or not prior to reservation. That’s because the facilities and amenities can be different depending on the demographics they cater to.

5. Acapulco

People tout it as the Riviera of Mexico for a number of reasons. First, in terms of resorts, this place is home to numerous luxurious resorts, so it’s no different from other Mexican cities known for their upscale areas. More than 300,000 vacationers come here annually. What makes it a great vacation spot? In addition to its warm and welcoming climate, Acapulco is also easy to reach because there are many modes of transport available, such as cars, cruise ships, airplanes, etc. When it comes to facilities, it’s quite complete. As with other places in Mexico, the biggest draw is still the beaches. In fact, pretty white sand beaches are everywhere, ideal for boating and water-skiing. If you’re looking for a family destination, this could be an option. There are some family-friendly resorts in this area.


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