Los Cabos and Its Three Choices

Los Cabos is a resort town which includes both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Both places are now booming with a growing increase in visitors over the past decade.

The collection of little villages nearby where fisherman lived and plied their trade, then brought their latest catch to market, has gradually given way to luxuriously appointed resorts. These resorts include luxury villas, self-service apartments, condos, and hotel chains which cater to the many different kinds of tourists who comes here. There are also some long stay foreigners who liked it so much in Los Cabos that they decided to make a home there.
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Cabo (as it’s known for short) attracts a broad mix of different types of tourists from all over the world. For Americans, it is popular because of the proximity of America up to the north; over the border and you’re quickly into Texas. Tourists from everywhere else are catching on fast however thanks to the great views, friendly people and fantastic amenities available locally.

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas is a top spot for people who like to be pampered, enjoy shopping or participating in some sporting activities before lunch.

There are a number of world class golf courses to tee off on and tennis courts to challenge someone to a match. If shopping is your thing then you won’t be disappointed with the myriad of excellent shopping opportunities here.

Art galleries are also easy to find for a bit of local culture of a different kind.
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The local restaurants are also very good with international cuisines from around the world providing an interesting and fulfilling dining experience.

Sandos Finisterra Resort - Los Cabos

Sandos Finisterra Resort – Los Cabos

The Three Choices
Los Cabos actually has three flavors to choose from with its towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and also the stretch of 20 miles known as the Tourist Corridor between the two towns.

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Inside both towns, and along the 20 mile road that connects them, is a multitude of choices for accommodation including home-stay, villa rentals, luxury resorts and classy hotels. The Medano Beach is also a stand-out and well worth visiting when in the area.

Sandos Finisterra Resort - Los Cabos

Sandos Finisterra Resort – Los Cabos

Local Weather
Los Cabos is situated on the southern edge of the Baja California Peninsula. This places it near the Tropic of Cancer. Because of this ideal location, the temperatures rarely rise above 78 degrees Fahrenheit and along the beaches it is a more comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer.
Los Cabos - Mexico

Los Cabos – Mexico

Water Sports
The beaches here support water sports which may include trips on chartered boats for a day of fishing, snorkeling or diving. The fish selection in these waters is varied and you often get the chance to get some Marlin, Wahoo or Tuna.

Professionally-certified diving centers can also help to train new divers or provide refresher courses for those people who haven’t dived in a while and are a little rusty on the correct diving procedures.

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