Mexican Eco-Tourism

Eco-tourism is the latest buzz word in the world of travel, and is said to be the union of nature of tourism. Many countries of the world have now embraced eco-tourism, with varying degrees of success, and there is one country that you would not immediately associate with this trend, and that is Mexico. However, in terms of quality and choice when it comes to eco-friendly, you will be hard pressed to beat a Mexican holiday.

The 32 states which make up Mexico all differ greatly from one another in terms of geographical features and bio-diversity. You will in turn find lush rainforests, secular trees, abundant tropical flora and thousands of animals of all species. There are also mountains, volcanoes, stunning beaches, low lands and islands, all coming together one of the most magical, and ethical, places on earth.
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Mexico is described by biologists as a country of mega-diversity, which is an apt description. It offers an incredible variety of animal and plant life and boasts practically every type of ecological habitat that exists on earth. This all adds up to a country that should be high on the list of anyone who loves nature, cares about the environment, and wants to visit somewhere you has the same philosophy.

There are only 7 countries in world credited with having true mega diversity, and Mexico is one of them. This has enabled it to embrace eco-tourism to such great effect, and a Mexican holiday of this type is certainly something very special. The resorts have all been built sympathetically so the surrounding environment suffered as little damage as possible and the use of natural energy sources ensures their carbon footprint is also minimal.

Swim with dolphins

Swim with dolphins

By taking this kind of holiday you can rest assured that you are playing your part in helping our environment, and knowing this will make your Mexican holiday even more enjoyable. Such is the nature of eco-tourism in Mexico it allows the responsible traveler to indulge in a world of personal discovery and adventure.
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Visiting ancient sites, experiencing the sounds of a jungle, watching birds and animals in their natural habitat, these are all free, all eco-friendly and could also help open your eyes to a whole new world. The great part about booking an eco-friendly holiday in Mexico is that you are not tied to one area. You have virtually the entire country to choose from. Such is the philosophy of the Mexican authorities and the Mexican people themselves.

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Everywhere you go in Mexico you will see the signs of a country that is determined to protect themselves from the ravages of the 21st century. Solar and Aeolian energy is the norm as is using captured rainwater to flush cisterns and the sheer volume of groups whose sole aim is the conservation of their beaches and the protection of their animals. Buying into this ethos and embracing it will not make you a better person per se, but you can relax in the knowledge that as far as your traveling is concerned you have done your bit.

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