Mexican Holiday – Xcaret Eco Park Resort

Pronounced Escaray, the sustainable resort of Xcaret is a 23 year old eco-tourist development set on a stunning inlet around 70km to the south of the much more well known Mexican holiday destination of Cancún.

The main intention of the developers of the resort was, and still is, to place conservation of the natural environment and its precious flora and fauna at the panicle of the ethics of what is still essentially a tourist resort.

Their efforts are aimed at preserving the 4,000 different species of plants and animals found in just 80 hectares of this stunning coastal enclave.
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The other major aim of the resort is to actively promote a different type of Mexican holiday that is based around genuine local culture and its long and vibrant history that dates back to the ancient Mayan civilization What most visitors are surprised by when they visit Xcaret is just how well a modern holiday resort can also be so eco-conscious.

There are certainly a lot of activities available on this version of a classic Mexican holiday with almost unique activities such as snorkeling the length of an amazing 600m long underground river which flows unseen through the area.

There is also a real treat for families in the form of a sea-turtle breeding program which assists the tiny creatures to mature into the increasingly rare but beautiful butterflies of the sea.

Speaking of butterflies, you can also visit the Xcaret Eco Theme Park Butterfly Habitat where you can mingle with these stunningly beautiful flying paintings.

Perfect Mexican Holiday - Xcaret

Xcaret Eco Park Resort – Cancun

Walking around the area also brings its own unique charms to your Mexican holiday, for example, wild iguanas are a common sight taking their lumbering walks along the pathways of the resort
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Xcaret really is very much the opposite of nearby Cancun with its endless concrete towers and general massively overdeveloped feel. This is the destination for those who want to get back to nature but also want all the facilities of a modern, but eco-friendly, Mexican holiday resort.

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