Mexico Beach Resorts that Offer Stunning Beach Views

What comes to your mind when hearing the word Mexico? It could be rich cultural heritage, delicious food, or another. But many people will think of the beaches, which is not surprising because Mexico is surrounded by beaches. Beaches and palm trees are two things that strongly represent the country. So whenever you come here, the first thing you’d probably want to see is a beautiful white sand beach. They’re everywhere, though, so it’s not hard to find a resort offering beach views. Go to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or another popular destination to find it.

We’ll share some great Mexico beach resorts, but let’s get to know the famous beaches first. Playa Del Carmen has some despite being a small town on the Caribbean coast. While the city welcomes guests with varying interests, those who enjoy nightlife would be so pampered by the bustling activity at night. There are parties on every corner filled with young people who want to make the most of their lives. You might think with so many beaches, some would be pretty empty. It’s not the case with beaches in this region. They’re filled with visitors all the time. Well, those beaches are gorgeous, so this is quite understandable.

Cozumel is another popular destination in Mexico. It’s an island, so pretty much everything within walking distance is blue waters. For those unaware, Cozumel is the second most populated island in Mexico. Vacationers love this place a lot, which leads to developers building resorts with first-class facilities. The surrounding views are simply spectacular. If you’re into water activities like diving and snorkeling, Cozumel has some great diving spots. The waters have a unique color graduation because it goes from one color to another as the depth increases. There are many awesome points of interest, but let’s get right into the Mexico beach resorts.

1. Rancho Pescadero

Not all resorts are big, but at the same time, not all people are into such properties. Some would rather book a room at a resort located in a secluded place. Rancho Pescadero isn’t the biggest, but it’s not something to be frowned upon. If you want privacy and seclusion, this is a great accommodation. While it has many highlights, it seems to attract surfers and those enjoying water activities. So if you like this fun stuff, we really recommend this resort. It has a pool where you can lounge while soaking in the sun. Other activities you can find here include bike riding, stargazing, and yoga.

All these seem casual, but they don’t take room service casually. The staffs work hard to help guests despite the minimalist aspects of the resort. The rooms are pretty spacious, set up in the Mexican style. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this style, just come here to find out. It’s distinctive with a dash of sophistication. The bed has a canopy hanging over it, which thickens a romantic atmosphere in the room. This is probably not your cup of tea, but a canopied bed also repels annoying mosquitoes at night. The interior is mostly in soft colors, so it doesn’t feel suffocating when you enter it.

2. Fairmont Acapulco Princess

This 5-star hotel is located not far from Sierra Madre. The place is hauntingly beautiful especially with the beaches surrounding it. It makes a perfect getaway for those who enjoy enchanted pleasures of a beach vacation. The property is framed by 2 majestic towers. It also has gardens with a collection of over 700 plant species. If you want to get to the airport, the resort is actually close to it as it takes only minutes to get there.

The facilities are pretty darn great. In addition to 5 freeform pools, guests can also enjoy moments at the golf course and full-service spa. And if you want to stay groomed and pretty, just visit the beauty salon. The property looks lush thanks to the tropical gardens everywhere in the property area. There are a total of 1,011 rooms and suits. Each one is outfitted with the most adorable decorative pieces. The amenities are equally great. The bathroom is so roomy, the same goes for the closet. The room also has its own balcony which offers dramatic views of the surroundings. Well, this is a luxury property, so this shouldn’t take you by surprise.

Mexico Beach Resorts

3. Casa del Mar Golf Resort & Spa

This property is made for your health and well-being. The spa is one of the best things about the hacienda-style resort. It evokes romance and brings peace of mind. If you want to stay at a place where a retreat for body and soul is a big concern, then this is what you’re looking for. The spa is luxurious, offering the ultimate relaxation to you and your lover. There are six pools, but if you don’t feel like swimming, try something else like golfing maybe. There is a golf course here and of course, you’d also spot a beach nearby because this belongs to Mexico beach resorts. The blue turquoise water will welcome you with warmth. Meanwhile, water activities are varied, such as kayaking, snorkeling, and diving. After getting a massage, you can go to the restaurant to experience exquisite flavors of international cuisine.

4. Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

The Fiesta Americana Grand Coral beach is undoubtedly grand in every sense of the word as it sits on the finest stretch of private beach. This property will take you to another place with its laid-back atmosphere and outstanding service. It’s also pure relaxation as you enter the area. Everything about the place seems so vibrant and entertaining. It has earned multiple accolades, which further prove its worth. The staffs are dedicated to giving the best service to guests.

All the 602 suites provide comfort and since the beach is within walking distance, the ocean views are so clear, like it feels so close. The pretty white sand, blue waters are visible from up there. The spa is large with a breathtaking interior design. It’s a gate to the actual heaven, which is the treatment itself. The spa boasts various treatments that will let you discover a refreshing world of healthy indulgences. The pool is wide, nearly matches the length of the building. There are also relaxing lounges to unwind from your day. We’ll share more Mexico beach resorts next time.

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