Mexico Holidays – Some Favorite Places You Must Visit

Mexico Holidays – Some Favorite Places You Must Visit

The Mexico holidays offer various fun and challenging things that you and most tourists would love. Even for those who really love adventure and have been traveling to various places, there are still some places waited to discover and explore, one of them is Mexico. If you are still wondering what to do once you arrive in Mexico, don’t worry we can help you. Find out some fun activities and best places to visit in Mexico as listed below.


Mexico City – The Best Place to Visit For Your Mexico Holidays

Mexico city is a very lovely place, the city offers lots of attractions including cultural and historical attractions. If you have the chance to visit Mexico city, the national museum of anthropology is the one must see. Don’t miss to visit the gigantic main square. The Mexico city is where you can find some great archeological sites such as the great Teotihuacan. In fact, you would be surprised that Mexico has more than 180 archeological sites that are worth a visit. These archeological sites are open to public. The most popular one is Teotihuacan.

Here are some best places that you can visit when you are in the Mexico city:

  • Templo Major

This is where you can see lots of artifacts, and some highlights such as monolith of Coyolxauhqui, and model of Tenochtitian.

  • Palacio De Bellas

Tourists can enjoy some attractions such as the fine arts palace which houses the national museum of architecture and the Palace museum as well. In addition, tourists can also find a gift shop, a restaurant, and also an excellent bookstore which can be found in the lobby.

  • The Alameda Park
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Located beside the Palacia De Bellas Artes, this is a very beautiful park where you can find many monuments, statues, and also fountains interspersed with green areas.

  • Cathedral Metropolitana

Another great place that you must visit in the Mexico city, it has a very impressive exterior design. If you are passionate about history, the Cathedral Metropolitana should be visited.


Mexico holidays – Best Beaches to Visit

The best part about Mexico holidays is the number of beautiful beaches that tourists can enjoy. In fact, Mexico has a multitude of beach destinations ranging from Cancun to Acapulco.

  • Cancun

Cancun is the best choice that families can consider when they are looking for best beach destinations. Families can choose a number of entertainment options once they are here.

  • Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is located south of Cancun, it has transformed from a fishing village to a lively cosmopolitan city. Here, you can also find a wide range of accommodation choices to suit with your budget.

  • Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a great place to choose as it is also known as a favorite get away among celebrities and Hollywood stars. Although there are only a few of beaches which are ideal for swimming, Los Cabos offers lots of entertainment options ranging from fishing, whale watching, and golfing.


Mexico Holidays – Enjoy The Best Mexico Cuisine

Well, apart from beaches and archeological sites, those wanting to explore more about Mexico can also enjoy some delicious Mexican foods. When it comes to enjoying some delicious foods in Mexico, there are some places to go. The choice of traditional Mexico cuisine ranges from the stunning seafood to spicy influences.

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If this is your first time experience visiting Mexico, you may wonder what kind of Mexico cuisine that you can try. You may notice that most dishes in Mexico are served with nachos. Consider visiting pre-Hispanic restaurants where you can enjoy some exotic foods such as grasshoppers.


The Bottom Line

Overall, there are lots of places that tourists can explore the next time they are in Mexico. Mexico is a great country offering various tourist attractions where tourists can explore archeological sites, museums, the great park to other places that families will be entertained with lots of attractions. Finding the hotel or resort is also easy as there are various choices ranging from affordable ones to luxury ones. With these things to keep in mind, there is no way that you would miss some best tourist attractions during Mexico Holidays.

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