Mexico Holidays: the New North American Jewelry

Mexico Holidays: the New North American Jewelry
Mexico is a country that does not need any kind of presentation. Its rich history, the happy people and the beautiful natural objectives make it one of the most interesting areas of the world. Mexico is a huge country, at least compared with the majority of other countries of the world, and its entire surface offers mysteries but also great leisure options for all kinds of tourists.

The Capital city, Mexico has more than nine millions citizens, being one of the biggest capitals of the world. It is built on the old Aztec Capital Tenochtitlan, so history passionate travelers will surely enjoy taking photos of those ruins.
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70% of Mexico population can be found in urban areas. This is why you can travel through Mexico for days in the unpopulated areas without meeting a single person. The predominant language is Spanish, but the Northern Mexicans and people from tourist’s towns speak relatively good English.

Two thirds of the country is occupied by a high plateau. The Western Sierra Nevada and the Eastern sierra Madre are enjoyed by alpinists and hiking fans, which prefer to reserve Mexico Holidays just to visit those. The highest heights of Sierra Nevada are of 5000 meters and more, making those real challenges for professional climbers.

Baja California
Baja California is a mountain peninsula on the West coast of Mexico, and a great place for Americans to book Mexico Holidays. Ensenada is an interesting place to visit here, but La Paz in the southern extremity of the peninsula also offers some great attractions, such as huge golf courses and nice places to spend free time. It is a great destination for families, because of the long beaches where kids can play in the sun.

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Popular Mexican objectives
The most visited objectives for the 5 million tourists that visit Mexico every year are the Aztec ruins around Mexico City, and the coastal resorts such as Acapulco. The Mayan ruins, and the Yucatan jungles are also points of great interest.

The infrastructure in Mexico is good in the tourist areas, but if you have the curiosity to explore areas that are not in the tourist’s areas, you might have problems in finding bus or train connections.
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The famous Mexican jewelry, Acapulco was made known by Hollywood stars that prefer to spend their free time here. However, this does not mean that Acapulco is not accessible for the average tourist or for family leisure. The resorts surround the beautiful golf with the smoothest sand possible, and at the horizon, you will see the impressive mountains.

Cancun is a destination for youngsters and families, as it is just as perfect for romantic but also family trips.
Whether you are looking for a simple family vacation, or for a nice honeymoon, you can be sure that the Mexico Holidays are what you need. Mexico is not expensive for a tourist on the overall, but it still offers some attractions that are usually accessible only for people with high financial possibilities.

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