Mexico Vacation Places You Can Explore

Mexico is a big country, so there are countless places you can visit. Mexico is famous for its beaches and ancient ruins, but there are many other things you can do other than playing at the beach and visiting historic sites. First of all, it’s important to decide where you’ll head to. As said before, Mexico is very big and the country is made up of so many cities. Some of them are actually very popular with vacationers. You can read which ones people recommend the most for a vacation. Also, it’s worth-noting that different places offer different sights. While some areas have idyllic beaches, others don’t have these sights nearby. For this reason, you really have to know where you’ll spend the vacation time.

Los Cabos, for instance, is known for its beaches. This turns out to be a top destination in the country that boasts warm waters, nice weather, and tasty food, etc. Those who want to learn surfing love to come here because surf schools are everywhere in this municipality. Whale-watching is another activity you can do because whales roam the coastline, so spotting them in their habitat isn’t really a rare occurrence. Here are more Mexico vacation places you could consider visiting:

1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a fun place to explore. Don’t worry about accommodation because there are many hotels that provide the best bang for the buck. Some rooms are very affordable, perfect for budget-conscious travelers. There are a couple of highlights. Aside from the direct views of the Pacific Ocean, the choice of food is also great. Besides, the locals are very welcoming to tourists. If you enjoy seafood a lot, finding it is easy considering beaches are within walking distance. You can find tuna and other tasty seafood.

When it comes to attractions, we also find this place very pleasurable. One that you shouldn’t miss is the historic center of Puerto Vallarta. Here you can find a broad range of shops and galleries. Meanwhile, the nightlife is also incredible although the oceanfront restaurants create a different atmosphere. The Vallarta botanical gardens are also awesome to visit. It’s not that far from the sightseeing spot we just mentioned, only 30 minute drive, anyway. They have a collection of native plants you might have never seen before.

2. Gran Cenote

Mexico is home to some breathtaking cenotes. It takes time to visit them all, but if we have to mention one, the Gran Cenote is probably the best option. This is inhabited by bats, pretty much like a cave, but the crystal clear water sets it apart from any other cave. The bottom is sandy and the surroundings are also majestic. You can find a variety of flora, such as water lilies and palm trees. You can get here from Tulum by taking a collectivo. Just tell the driver about this attraction, he’d be happy to take you there.

Mexico vacation places

3. Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox could be your new favorite destination in Mexico. This hidden gem has blue water and very quiet because you barely spot big crowds around. There are no cars as people get around mostly by bicycles. The island will give you a totally new experience. This is actually situated not far from Cancun. In fact, it sits on an area that can easily be reached from any direction. The island is totally car-free, pretty much feels like a car-free day expect you see the occurrence every day. The accommodation may still offer a golf cart taxi for guests. The island is designed for those who like exploring places by foot. Yep, the topography is pretty walkable. What can you do here? There’s much stuff awaits you here, but swimming with whale sharks will give a thrilling experience. They weren’t the only animals that inhabit this beautiful island. Flamingos also flock together here, creating a very unique setting because these birds are known for their pretty feathers.

4. Todos Santos

The size of this town makes it barely noticeable by visitors, but this is one of the Mexico vacation places you shouldn’t miss. It’s secluded on the Pacific Coast. To get here from Los Cabos, you can drive a car for one hour. Many people think it’s a hidden treasure. The fact that expats choose this as their stopover speaks volume about its appeal. It’s more than just a surf scene though it’s always been famous for its wonderful beaches. This is Pueblo Magico and for those unaware, this program is controlled by the Mexican Government. It aims to celebrate local history, so everything situated within the area feels so distinctive, such as the cobblestone streets.

If you need places that would look good as Instagram posts, many corners in this town would be perfect for that. Along with its tiny size, this town is also not heavily populated, but it’s part of the charm. Some people would rather go to places that don’t have bustling crowds. As for accommodation, there are quite a lot of choices. But if you need more intimacy, there are some properties that have less than 30 rooms. Staying at one of these resorts is a good idea especially if you hate noise and crowded situations. The amenities aren’t bad by any means. Just make sure you search for information before booking a room, so you know what’s provided to guests.

5. Copper Canyon

The Grand Canyon in the USA might be very popular, but did you know that the Copper Canyon in Mexico actually is 4 times bigger? Some even say it’s up to 7 times bigger than the Canyon in the USA. If you already consider the Grand Canyon enormous, this Mexican formation will take you by surprise. What do we have to prepare before exploring this canyon? There are no special rules and you can be accompanied by a guide if this is your first time coming to this place. A tour is also sensible idea especially when you’re not familiar with the area. The entire formation consists of around 20 canyons and 6 rivers. It has unique topography compared to that in America. Though there are many ways to explore the area, the most common way to get around is by using the railway. Those were some great Mexico vacation places.

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