Some of the Best All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Mexico is located on the North American continent. As a top destination in the world, Mexico offers everything from rainforests in the southern to deserts in the west. It consists of coastal plains, mountains, and other great formations. There is also a high tableau, situated perfectly in the center of the country. Besides stunning beaches, Mexico is also known for having the most prominent volcano in the world. However, most of them are now dormant. In fact, some have been transformed into sightseeing spots.

So, are you planning a vacation to this place in the near future? Think of the accommodation first because it’s essential to avoid hassle during the trip. It’s hard to specify the best all inclusive resorts in Mexico because there are so many along the coastline. Take your time to find the right one. There are a few things to consider. The first one is the facilities. A good resort provides guests with a bunch of facilities, such as golf courses, restaurants, bars, etc. Next, think of things included in a package. Meals and drinks are usually included, so is Wi-Fi. But other services vary depending on the price. A more expensive one usually comes with more extensive services. If you don’t mind paying more, go for one of these packages.

1. Barcelo Maya Colonial & Tropical

This all inclusive resort has around 960 rooms located in 5 different buildings. The views are pretty, anyway. You can easily spot lush gardens around. Other amenities you can expect in a package are a mini-fridge and a satellite TV. The refrigerator is daily stocked, so eat as much as you want. There are many others, like ceiling fans and safe-deposit boxes. What distinguishes it from others? It has similarities with nearby resorts, but the following ones will probably tempt you to book a room.

First, it’s located in Riviera Maya. It doesn’t take long to get here from the local airport. Second, the beach is fantastic especially the marine life. Have you seen a turtle before? Chances are you can meet not only one, but many of them in their natural habitat. There is also a gym to ensure you maintain fitness levels during the stay. What’s the problem with staying healthy? While this kind of vacation is closely linked to relaxation, exercising also helps relax the body.

2. The Royal Hideaway Playacar

This is one of the best all inclusive resorts in Mexico. In selecting a resort, it’s important to find out whether it’s family-friendly or adults only. Of course, there are big differences between the two especially pertaining to facilities and service. The Royal Hideaway Playacar belongs to the second group. There’s nothing wrong with a resort aimed at adults. If you want to have a romantic vacation with your loved one, then this type of resort is ideal.

In terms of views, it’s simply stunning because the resort sits on the white sand of the Riviera Maya. There are 200 guestrooms and the surroundings are also relaxing as they’re mostly lush gardens. It has 6 restaurants offering a wide assortment of delicacies. Now, let’s talk about the facilities. If one pool wasn’t enough for you, it has 5 more. In other words, there are 6 pools in total inside the property. The fitness center also stands out, while the spa promises world-class service. To kill time, you can enjoy the watersports as well.

best all inclusive resorts in Mexico

3. Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun

This is perfect for those dreaming of the ultimate privacy. Why? It’s pretty secluded, tucked away in a wonderful beach in Mexico. The all inclusive resort provides service to adults only. There are a few highlights, but the vast dining options are worth bragging about. Do you stay in a resort for the food? Some people do, and if you’re one of them, the resort is a perfect place to embark on your gastronomical journey. Japanese cuisine is on the menu, so is French cuisine. And if you love yourself some wine, we’d love to tell you that it has a wine cellar with a collection of more than 200 vintages. Well, the resort is more than just about delicious food. Everything about it is pretty much outstanding, from the facilities to the service.

4. IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraiso

Like other resorts in the country, this one is also nestled on a stunning beachfront. Judging by the age requirement, it’s designed for adults only. It’s not just the name that exudes grandeur. The resort itself is a personification of luxury. The interiors are terrific, we’re sure you’ll love them. It’s easy to be swept away with its elegance. The facilities also put it ahead of other resorts. The butler service is excellent as the staffs are always ready to help you with anything while you’re soaking in the sun.

Another pool is called tranquility pool. Pretty interesting name, huh? Come here if you want to know what it’s all about. There’s also another pool located inside the building just in case you prefer these type of pools for swimming. Tasty food is another reason to book a room here. The dishes are simply mouthwatering. The main buffet restaurant provides a wide variety of menus that will satisfy your hunger fangs. There is another Japanese restaurant and a few others offering other special cuisine.

5. Cozumel Palace

The title palace for this resort is very fitting because it does look like that from the outside. What we like the most is the fact that this resort still preserves its Pre-Hispanic Mayan heritage despite the modern vibes surrounding it. Get a package, you’ll be spoilt with great hospitality. Each package includes meals, drinks, and room service. However, it’s still important to ask whether the package provides amenities you’re looking for. There’s also Wi-Fi covering the whole area. The resort has carried the name for over 10 years. Hundreds of its guestrooms have been renovated since then, that they ooze modern appeal.

As said before, the design architecture still retains traditional Mexican culture. The views are spectacular mainly because the rooms overlook the Caribbean Sea. Cozumel Palace is a place for everyone. Parents can spend their time in the pools and other parts of the resort, while the kids can have fun at the kids club. Being so close to the beach makes it a perfect stopover for those liking water activities. You can snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the Mesoamerican barrier reef system. Those were the best all inclusive resorts in Mexico.

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