The Natural Wonders of Mexico

The bright, colorful and vibrant country of Mexico is a lot of things to a lot of people. For example, cultural buffs are in their element here, as are those fascinated by the history of the country. Beach lovers too are in their element, as are those who want to taste the fantastic cuisine made the traditional way.

It is also a place that boasts wonderful natural sights and sounds, and many of these are relatively unknown until you discover them when you are on your Mexican holiday.
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Whatever kind of Mexican holiday you are looking for, it is recommended that you take the time out to visit some of the sights and sounds of Mexico. These can be both on land or at sea, depending on which you want to concentrate on. Mother Nature has been particularly kind to Mexico giving it such a great choice of natural phenomenon for us to gaze upon in wonder.

Over 150 million Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico from Canada every winter and settle in the Oyamel fir forests which sit in the lush Michoacán Mountains. They make the long journey to reproduce and visiting this natural spectacle has to be seen to be believed.

The peak months are January and February when the numbers reach their peak and you really cannot tell where the trees end and the butterflies start.

Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks

From some of the smallest natural wonders to some of the largest, off the coast of Mexico is one of the best places for whale watching in the world. In the months between December and April, grey and humpback whales come to both breed and then instruct their calves in the waters of Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Banderas Bay.
Another wonder of nature that you must see if your visit to Mexico coincides with is the nesting of the sea turtles which takes place from June – November. The sea turtles return to the beaches of their own birth to lay their own eggs in the sands.
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Land's End Rocks

Land’s End Rocks

As both natural predators and poachers have put these species at risk there are now established communities whose aim is to protect the nesting areas. Many of these are open to the public and you can watch as eggs being collected they also release of baby turtles.

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These nesting beaches are peppered along the Yucatan and Oaxaca coasts, in Baja Sur, Puerto Vallarta and also on the Costa Alegre.

It is taking in sights such as these which really turn a great Mexican holiday into a spectacular one. You can travel to some of the best known entertainment venues in the world and pay a fortune to see what is on offer, but there is nothing like nature for putting on a true spectacle.

Taking time out from the sunbathing and eating to visit these natural delights is something you must experience. The natural world is declining rapidly and we really need to make the most of what is around us, and Mexico is one of the last bastions where we are still lucky enough to see plenty.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

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