Top All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico that Exude Luxury

Why are all inclusive resorts so popular nowadays? It seems that these type of resorts are really adored by travelers around the world. There are surely good reasons behind it. We’ll find out why people are willing to spend their money on them compared to others. We will also tell you the top all inclusive resorts in Mexico. Value is the most prominent key factor because these resorts are considered the most beneficial in financial terms. They are perfect for vacationers who are budget-conscious. On top of that, their amenities are extensive. Just because their rooms are more affordable doesn’t mean they are lacking when it comes to amenities and service. They still deliver world-class amenities and excellent service to customers.

Quality is another driving force behind the high occupancy for these resorts. They have changed a lot in the past few years. Some resorts also target certain demographics to boost their profits. For example, there are resorts that cater to adults only, while others are more family-friendly. The amenities are typically different for both. They also classify guests based on their interests. This is why some resorts are more suited for budget travelers, while others are filled with expats or those seeking the ultimate luxury.

Speaking of facilities, there are many that we can find in these resorts. Spa is usually a standard service. There are also restaurants, bars, and others related to entertainment. Another reason why people stay at these properties is because they want to save money. Operators that work in this environment are known for being so quick at forecasting energy usage, food and beverage consumption, etc. These resorts also partner with well-known vendors to supply things for guests. That’s why prices are lower here. Here are the top all inclusive resorts in Mexico:

1. The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres

This resort has magnificent architecture and one of the most recommended all inclusive resorts in Mexico. It’s located at a very strategic place as you can reach popular attractions easily from this place. It has a soothing ambiance, which is perfect for those who never like crowded spaces. The hotel is nestled on a picturesque white sand beach. The pathways are arranged nicely and they will lead you to different parts of the resort. This may not be the largest resort in the area, but the amenities are still outstanding. Besides, this also means you’ll get extra privacy. Larger properties tend to be more crowded, so this is perfect for those looking for tranquility. There are a couple of pools as well as hydromassage tubs. And if you want to have fun at the beach, there are a few things to do, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. You can also soak in the sun because the weather is nice all year round.

2. Hotel Mousai

Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of this property. Hotel Musai deserves to be on the list of the top all inclusive resorts in Mexico. The stucco buildings will make you feel some kind of way, while the balconies are beautifully adorned with flowers. Turquoise blue waters are everywhere in the vicinity because the hotel is located in the heart of Banderas Bay. There is an infinity pool on the rooftop, providing wonderful views of the surroundings. On the same area, you can also find a restaurant that serves a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining options are varied, so your taste buds will be spoilt.

top all inclusive resorts in Mexico

3. Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

This hotel has hosted numerous memorable events. With such a long experience, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit has earned accolades for its top-notch service and luxurious amenities. It also boasts a fine dining experience, something that really increases its appeal. Culinary is one of the strongest points of this property although it’s more than just tasty dishes. It prides itself on the round the clock personal concierge. There’s even one dedicated to kids that guests can take advantage of for free.

In terms of access, it’s located at a very strategic place, only 15 minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. It’s also nestled on a stunning white beach. As for activities, there are so many choices from watersports to golfing. If you want to come with the kids, don’t hesitate because this resort is kid-friendly. It has a kids’ club that offers fun stuff for your little boys and girls. They can do many things, such as making crafts and learning about culture. The tour agent will also be glad to assist in the event that you want to see dolphins.

4. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa

This is another resort that sits on Banderas Bay. As an all-inclusive resort, it not only caters to adults, but also children. Guests are pampered with a great choice of entertainment and dining options. The activities provided are also fun, so there’s no time to feel bored during the stay. This makes a perfect getaway for couples dreaming of luxury and tranquility. The spa will welcome you into its calming atmosphere and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and carefree. The facilities are all great. Besides the outstanding spa, you can also find a cold plunge pool, restaurants, and many more. The restaurants serve Mexican food, but there is also international cuisine.

5. Fairmont Mayakoba

Fairmont Mayakoba is another nice place to stay at. There are a few highlights, but one that will capture your attention the most is the wonderful beach. Little did you know that the resort is actually nestled on a reserve of mangrove jungles. The resort features a large lobby area, lagoons, and canals. There are also 5 swimming pools, so guests are spoilt with so many choices. The rooms have gorgeous interiors with each one having its own private balcony where you can see the beautiful lagoons from afar. The furniture looks natural as it’s mostly made of wood. Meanwhile, the fabrics put on the beds really add charm to the interior. The whole thing is painted in the colors of the Caribbean, so it feels relaxing and welcoming. What are the things to do here? There are local cave systems, gorgeous formations filled with clear water. You can explore them and enjoy the beauty.


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