Cozumel Mexico – A Tropical Paradise

Cozumel isn’t on the Mexican mainland but is actually situated 15 kilometers offshore from the Yucatan peninsula. This tropical paradise is the largest island in Mexico. It’s easy to reach there either by a short local flight from Cancun Airport or by taking a ferry which could takes about an hour.
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Best of Both Worlds
The island of Cozumel is notable because it has a colorful Mayan history, but also spares no expense in delivering a world class accommodation and dining experience. There are many international chains of hotels here which maintain their renowned high standards. Restaurants offer old and new dishes, but also cater to tourists who have special culinary requests.

Cozumel is also a good destination for travelers on more modest budgets. There are plenty of affordable accommodations to be found throughout the island. For some of the best selection of shops to find local Mexican trinkets and exotic restaurants, many people head straight for the town of San Miguel. It is almost impossible to not find what you’re looking for when you’re there.

Wildlife & Nature
The majority of the island remains undeveloped with a thick jungle which supports many types of species large and small from lizards to parrots, macaws to deer. Given the tropical nature of the island, there is plenty of interesting flora and fauna which gives the landscape a lush appearance.
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Perfect Conditions
The Caribbean Sea which surrounds the island stays warm throughout the year. The sub tropical climate is excellent, and the beaches are also perfect for romantic walks for the married couples. Temperatures remain around 25 degrees Celsius for much of the year, occasionally reaching 28 degrees Celsius, but with pleasing breezes coming off the sea which holds the humidity level at bay.

Carnival Port - Cozumel

Carnival Port – Cozumel

Tourists usually head over to the west side of the island which has the majority of the resorts and hotel chains. The occasional cruise ship disembarks from there too, so it can get quite busy at times and during peak season booking ahead for accommodation is highly recommended.

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For those people who enjoy spending time on the beach to soak up some sun, play sports on the sand or participate in some swimming or other water-based activities, then the beaches are ideal for families to come and relax together.

Playa San Fransisco - Cozumel

Playa San Fransisco – Cozumel

The largest beaches are Playa San Francisco and Playa Sol. These can get particularly busy when the cruise ships dock. At these beaches you can get a bite to eat and also rent loungers or sunbeds. They can get overcrowded and are not so suitable for families, so we would recommend the other locations detailed below.

The most child-friendly place is the Parque Chankanaab with its children’s pool and a lagoon which isn’t deep. Many local people and their families with young children come here.

Both snorkeling and diving are available to explore the well developed coral reef or the Parque Marino de Cozumel. The beaches of Playa Corona and Playa Palancar in the south-west are the place to visit to sign up for a diving or snorkeling trip. For anyone who would like the picture postcard deserted beach with not a grain of sand out of place, then the windswept eastern coast is the place to go for that.

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