Culture and history aplenty in Mexico

Visiting a new country and embracing the culture and history on offer is something we should all experience. While every country has a history, be it due to their location or other factors, some have more than others. Amongst these is Mexico, which is already a favorite destination for holidaymakers. There is much more to this amazing country than the wonderful climate, beaches, and food.
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The history of Mexico comes together in the country it is today. There are over 50 Amerindians dialects, which are a mirror to the past in a country whose history is as colorful as you will find anywhere.

Over the years, the traditions and culture have melded together to create a unique destination that everyone should try and visit at least once in their lifetime.

There is an atmosphere exists on a Mexican holiday that mere words just don’t do justice to.

The feeling of history is tangible, especially when you visit one of the ancient landmarks or archaeological sites peppered around the country.

Mexican History and Culture

Mexican History and Culture

Mexican Aztec temples, Mayan ruins, the colossal head of Olmec and lasting tributes to the many other civilizations that have played a part in the tapestry that has been woven to create Mexican history is all waiting there for you to discover them.

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Just about the most visited of the many Mexican archaeological sites is Teotihuacan, a must see for those visiting Mexico City. Best known for the enormous Pyramid of the Sun, the world’s third largest, and the Avenue of Death which runs for 2.5 km, this is somewhere not to be missed. There is a lot of climbing and walking involved in a visit here but it sure is worth it.

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One of the singularly most outstanding ruins in all of Mexico is Uxmal. This ancient city was once one of the biggest cities to grace the Yucatan Peninsula, and translated into Mayan means ‘thrice built’. This refers to the Pyramid of the Magician, the highest structure in Uxmal. Never again will you think that the only pyramids in the world are in Egypt as both this, and the Pyramid of the Sun, certainly are stunning structures.

Even those not particularly bothered by history cannot fail to be impressed by what there is to see in Mexico. Having a combination Mexican holiday which encompasses these wondrous sites along with partaking in some general sightseeing and enjoying wonderful food will make this a holiday you will never forget.
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This is one destination that demands a camera and is right up there in the priorities alongside your passport. The hospitality of the people is also legendary, and you would think with so many different nationalities and cultures arriving on their shores they would get tired of being friendly all the time. This couldn’t be further from the truth and this nation is reckoned to have just about the friendliest people anywhere in the world.

Millions of visitors flock here from around the globe to enjoy a Mexican holiday which is both exciting and laid back. Only the Caribbean can match Mexico in terms of combining these two unlikely bedfellows and turning it into a holiday of a lifetime.

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