End of Year Mexico Holidays

End of Year Mexico Holidays – The Newest Trend in Perfect Holiday Making
This world has a myriad of places to go and visit and the lifespan of a human being seems to be too short in order to comprehend them all.

However, there are some countries which you should definitely visit before you die and Mexico is on the top of this list.

Even if many people associated Mexico with the summertime, an alternative holiday would be to visit it during the end of year holiday period. Most of the people get a short vacation at the end of the year and this is a great excuse to try something different from that typical family reunion.
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Cruise Ships
One of the way to have a great Mexico Holidays for your End of Year Holiday is by using cruise ships. In this way you will be able to visit a wide range of places and stay connected to the entire country.

On the other side, you may also opt for one of the traditional destinations and enjoy a holiday by the beach. A place which is famous for its lovely End of Year offers is certainly the Colonial Mexico.

Other alternative routes include Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta. The ways of spending time are infinite and ranges from swimming with the dolphins, taking walking tours of city sights to exploring natural reservations and discovering the richness of jungle life.

Preferred destinations
For many people, Mexican holiday is a smart alternative to the cold winter from their countries. Therefore, tourists prefer to head on to Ajijic, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca or San Miguel de Allende.

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These destinations are probably the most recommended this type of year because the days will be soaked in the warmth of the sun while the night will be as romantic as you may expect them.

Mexico can be considered a country from which the spring never leaves as the temperature ranges from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius all year long.
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Traditions and customs
When it comes to celebrating End of Year in a Mexican way, the traditions related to this holiday are numerous. The start is on 16th of December and it ends of the 6th of January with the Day of the Kings celebration.

On this celebration the family and friends gather around to eat Rosca de Reyes, which is special bread that is sweet and had baked fruit on top of it. The sweet bread has inside small figurines. The ones who get them have to throw a party on the Candles day which is on February 2nd.

The reality is that Mexico is full of traditions and of lovely warm people who will welcome you in their homes.

If you believe that this year is time for a change in tradition, Mexico is the place to celebrate. Between a party and a plaza gathering, most tourists will highly appreciate the varied cuisine and the high number of customs and traditions.

The holiday is suitable for all types of people, rich and poor as this country has the perfect gift for everyone. They just have to come and get it.

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