Kitesurfing in Mexico

Have Fun Kite-surfing in Mexico
Mexico is a land between a gulf and an ocean and offers an ample of opportunities for tourists to have fun kite-surfing here. It is famed for its tradition and culture as well as the scenic surroundings.

An Adventure to Remember
If you are looking for a truly adventurous holiday in Mexico, you can opt for a Kite-surfing holiday, as it is not only adventurous but also relaxing. Whether you are a solitary traveler or traveling with family, there are several kite-surfing tours that can be tailored to suit your needs.
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Punta San Carlos
The best season for a kite-surfing holiday here is between March and April. It is located in the western shores of the country in the Gulf of California and can be considered a kite-surfer’s paradise on earth. There are many water-sports available, with several spots for kite-surfing and windsurfing as well as surfing and mountain biking. The accommodation here is of the tent type, but the tents are very comfortable and luxurious and they have great beds. You can stay here safely as they are set up on secure carpeted tarmacs. You can enjoy the best Barbeque meals and you can reach the place from San Diego. Your stay will be very comfortable, as the nights are quite cool, even though the days might be a little warm. You can spend the evening enjoying the delicious meals and discussing your water sport activities of the day.

Baja Kite-surfing
You can experience several types of sailing conditions here, such as the beach break type, which is ideally suitable for beginners. The waves are long and soft and you can easily get in and out of the waves. Another spot is the Point, which is rather windy. Here, the waves might be a little tough and powerful and it breaks a little further away from the shore. The Chilli point is the spot where the wave breaks in two areas, to the right and left of the reef in the center. You need a little more expertise in this kite-surfing spot, as you need to manage the waves. The Bombora spot offers great jumping opportunities with quick ins and outs.

All Inclusive Mexico Holidays

Kite-surfing in Mexico

Los Barriles in Baja
The best time would be from November to the beginning of March, when you can experience the winds known as the El Norte. Kite-surfers from all over the world can enjoy the best sailing conditions for all levels. You can do a lot of fun things here, such as snorkeling or gliding in a sea kayak. The winds are at a great speed here and you can have fun with the great rolling swell that is well spaced. Along with kite-surfing, you can enjoy the best of sushi as well as sashimi. Add to this, an exciting bout of mountain biking and deep-sea fishing or Kayaking and Paddle Boarding and you have the perfect Mexican holiday at your fingertips.
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You can enjoy the amenities offered at the kite-surfing spots, as there are hot showers along with private bathrooms. You can also have access to Television and DVD or play darts and Ping-Pong. Coaching is also available for those who need it along with assistance from private instructors.

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