Mexico – Culture and Cuisine

Mexican Culture
The Mexican culture is a blend of vibrant native culture and Spanish legendary elements which makes it one of the most unique cultures worldwide.

The Mexicans have fervently followed the culture of their ancestors. This can be seen in the Mexican music which is very much similar to the music prevailing during the Aztec times.

The Mexican culture is also seeped in the Mayan traditions and this is amply manifested in the paintings, art and architecture of Mexico.

Mexican paintings are very famous even outside this beautiful city as they showcase the richness of the Mexican art.
Much of ancient traditions of Mexico City has evolved over time and can still be seen and enjoyed here.
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Among the well-known Mexican legends are the Legend of the weeping woman or “La llorona” and the Legend of the sacred woods of Chapultepec.

The latter has it that the emperors belonging to the Aztec clan got their effigies sculpted with the belief that it would lead them to immortality. Another very well-known legend of Mexican culture is the legend of the god named Quetzalcoatl who is considered to be the hero of Mexican cosmogony.

Mexican Foods
When it comes to food, Mexico is very famous as this city has given many specialties such as chocolate, peanuts, coconuts, tomatoes, vanilla etc to the entire world.
Mexican Hat
The traditional Mexican cuisine is famous for its unique flavor and tasteful meals which makes use of the locally available and fresh farm produce. Mexicans added some European flavors to their meals following the introduction of food choices such as lamb, beef, cheese, vinegar etc from Spain.

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New food techniques also got introduced to Mexico from other places such as the Caribbean, South America and even Africa. Mexico is also famous for its Tex-Mex food which is a mix of recipes from Texas, America and Mexico. Mexico is also famous for its recipes in corn, gourmet creations and foods such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos.

Another popular ingredient of Mexican cuisine is the chili which is used to add spice to a lot of meals. It is also a vital ingredient of the Tabasco Hot Sauce and also the main component for many dishes such as stews, sauces, gravies and other salads that are served in Mexico.

One cannot stop talking about Mexican cuisine without mentioning about the famous Mexican Desserts. Mexican Desserts are simply mouth watering as they combine both sweet and hot elements. Another favorite treat among tourists is the Mexican candy. There are several varieties of candies and the most popular variety is the corn-flavored candy.
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Every tourist will be simply floored by Mexican cuisine and the interesting cultural attractions of this place. Mexico can also turn out to be a “traveler’s paradise” as it has everything to offer to an expectant tourist.

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