Mexico Holidays: Best Beaches You Must Visit In Mexico

Mexico Holidays: Best Beaches You Must Visit In Mexico

Are you wondering where to go for your Mexico holidays? First of all, let me explain to you that Mexico comes with a wide range of beach destinations. Mexico is a great country where you can find various holiday destinations and beach destinations are just some of them. These beach destinations offer crystalline water and powdery sand along with various tourist attractions and amenities. Going to Mexico will give you one of the most unforgettable holiday experiences you have ever tried.


Mexico Holidays: Where To Go

Here, we have listed some favorite beach destinations for your Mexico holidays. We hope you enjoy your holiday in Mexico, whether you are coming here with your friends or even family, there are lots of places that are worth exploring. So, check these out!


The first list goes to Cancun, this is without a doubt one of the best holiday destinations where tourists can find various activities, shopping spots, and many more. Best of all, Cancun is also known as one of the best city with great beaches. While some tourists may avoid this place due to its reputation as a party destination, those who are coming here with their family will find plenty of options when visiting Cancun.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta gained its popularity for the first time when Hollywood stars such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor visited this location. Introduced by these Hollywood stars in 1960, Puerto Vallarta is getting more popular these days. In fact, the location maintains a strong appeal among many tourists. If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, you might want to visit some restaurants here. Puerto Vallarta is very famous for its great restaurants. Known as one of Mexico’s top dining destinations, there is no way you would miss this chance when visiting Mexico. A number of options can be chosen from low cost eateries to high-end gourmet restaurants.

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Do you need more choices? If you are looking for another choice aside from locations mentioned earlier, Mazatlan should be included on your list. This is a well-established tourist destination which combines an authentic mix of history and culture. Mazatlan is very famous for its fishing destination. You and your children can enjoy fishing here. Other fun activities to do here are mountain biking and horseback riding.


Acapulco was very popular in 1950, it was known as the most popular beach destination. Although it no longer becomes the most popular beach destination in Mexico, Acapulco is still known as one of the most popular resort areas. This is a favorite place for tourists looking for non-stop activities and great shopping centers.


Where To Find The Best Mexican Beach Resorts

Once you have known some best beach destinations you can find in Mexico, you may want to include some best Mexican beach resorts here. The choice may vary depending on your budget, but you can find one that suits with your budget.

Fairmont Acapulco Princess

For those staying in Acapulco, this resort may be a good choice. It comes with some facilities such as seven tennis courts, a shopping arcade, and five pools. If you are coming here with your family, Fairmont Acapulco princess has everything that you need for you as well as your family.

Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta

If you have decided to stay in Puerto Vallarta, Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta may suit your needs. This resort is a lush paradise, known as one of the newest resorts in Puerto Vallarta, tourists staying here will be provided with some luxury services. The resort maintains a classic charm, making your holiday more enjoyable when staying in Puerto Vallarta.

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That’s some information we can share with you, of course, there are still other resorts you can find if you are visiting Mexico. But, these are some of the best choices we can list here. Whether you are coming here with your family or friends, Mexico has a wide range of great activities to enjoy. From scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, to taking a tour, you will definitely enjoy your holiday in Mexico. So, take some time and decide which place you want to visit first for your Mexico holidays.

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