Mexico Holidays: Best Places To Eat In Mexico City

Mexico Holidays: Best Places To Eat In Mexico City

Speaking about Mexico holidays, we already know that Mexico city is one of the best places in Mexico. For years, Mexico city has become a major destination for many culinary travelers. If you are travelling to Mexico city, you must know that there are some great places where you can enjoy some delicious Mexican foods. The choices range from traditional to modern cuisine. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for exclusive restaurants or you want to find some local restaurants serving up divine tacos, Mexico city has it all. In other words, we can say that Mexico city is the epicenter of all things. To help you pick the best place to enjoy some Mexican foods, we have listed some great restaurants worth visiting. Check these out!


Mexico Holidays: Where To Eat In Mexico City

Contramar: The main attraction which can be found here is seafood, this is where you can enjoy the most delicious seafood in a seaside ambience. The tuna fillet is the specialty, but you can also enjoy other foods such as the tuna tostada which is topped with crispy onions.

Pujol: It is one of the best gourmet restaurants you can find in Mexico city. The restaurant offers a contemporary style in a minimalist setting. If you want to get a table here, reserve well ahead of time is recommended.

El Hidalguense: There are some top restaurants which are worth exploring and one of them is El Hidalguense. Here, you can enjoy delicious tacos. But there are also other foods that you can try when visiting this restaurant.

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Lampuga: If you want to enjoy fresh seafood, then you might want to consider Lampuga as your choice. In fact, fresh seafood is the main focus here. Consider Tuna Tostadas, this can make a great starter before trying other menu. Consider the smoked marlin carpaccio as the main menu.

Mexican Seafood

Mexican Seafood

Other Recommended Places To Eat In Mexico City

There are also other great restaurants that you shouldn’t miss if you are travelling to Mexico city and want to try some authentic Mexican foods. Here, we have listed some unusual places to eat in Mexico city.

Café La Blanca: Another perfect spot for those wanting to try some local Mexican foods. The food is quite basic but still good. If you want to meet with local tourists, here is a good restaurant to choose.


Best Places To Enjoy Mexico Holidays  

Of course, visiting Mexico is more than just trying some delicious authentic Mexican foods. If you have never been to Mexico, then it is your chance to explore some best places here. There are various places which are worth exploring here such as the pyramids of Teotihuacan, national museum of anthropology and more.


How To Get Around The Mexico City

When you are travelling to Mexico city, there are some tips that you must know, helping you to enjoy the most exciting holiday experience in Mexico city.

The Metro: This is one of the best options to get around the city. Since the size of the city is very large, it can be very overwhelming for most foreign tourists visiting Mexico city for the first time. The good news is, the metro system is as safe as other options such as train systems. You can also consider taxi services which are available throughout the city. But it is important to find verified taxi service.

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With these things to consider when you are travelling to Mexico city, you can enjoy exploring various places as well as trying some delicious authentic foods in this large city. Travelling to Mexico city is one of the best ways to enjoy your Mexico holidays.

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