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The vibrant, exciting country of Mexico lies between the continents of North and South America, and takes the best of both to create a holiday destination like no other.

With it’s Western Coast on the Pacific Ocean, The Gulf Of Mexico to the East, several US states sharing it Northern border and Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the south, Mexico is a heady fusion of cultures and is one of the world’s top tourist destinations for those who want to experience this diversity.

While they are many fabulous resorts to choose from for those planning their Mexican holiday, savvy travelers have discovered the joys of taking a small group tours.

This does exactly what it describes and allows you the privilege off seeing much more of Mexico during a single trip than a resort holiday would. High plateaux, mountains, deserts and coastal plains are just some of the stunning geographical features you will experience on a tour.
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The beauty of a small group tour Mexican holiday is that you are only traveling with people of the same mind as you. Often on large tours, there will be those who only want to see certain place and spoil the experience for their fellow travelers when they are visiting somewhere they aren’t interested in.

Kayaking in Mexico

Kayaking in Mexico

These small group tours are very specific and organized by experts, so you know everyone wants to see everything on offer, and many great friendships have been struck up on these tours.

It is easier to tell you what isn’t included on a tour of Mexico rather than what it. Suffice to say you will have time to walk in the real countryside, gaze in wonder at the abundance of fauna and flora, absorb the unique culture, delve in the fascinating history and take part in exciting activities. As far as a Mexican holiday goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Swim with dolphins

Swim with dolphins

The hospitality of the Mexican people is legendary, and when you take a tour and visit those places off the well beaten tourist track you get to meet the real people.

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Visiting traditional silversmiths at work makes for a fascinating time as you see these true experts turning out exquisite pieces using the oldest techniques and tools.

Mexicans love to chat and the majority have a decent handle on the English language it is only in the remotest areas you will find they speak only Spanish and it would be well worth while brushing up on your Espanol if you are visiting such villages.
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The food of Mexico is enjoyed in restaurants and bistros around the world, but as with pizzas in Italy and noodles in Thailand, you will never have tasted tacos, fajitas and enchiladas quite like these. Mouth-watering guacamole just adds to a culinary feast that will satisfy even the most discerning of gastronomes. Sitting eating these delights surrounded by the sights is something you are never likely to experience again, until you make a return trip that is.

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