Palenque and its Hidden City

Mexico is a vast country with many different attractions for tourists to consider. Fortunately, the cities are supported by international flight connections which makes it easier and more accessible to visit different parts of the country. Palenque is one such city that you should seriously consider for a visit.
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Impressive Architecture
The architecture is a key attraction in Palenque. There are a collection of buildings of pre-Columbian construction that remain standing despite the passing of time. This whole area of the town is worth taking a walk around to see and it might be possible to take a guided walk with a tour guide too if you ask around.

Jungle Adventure
The impressive jungle provides a backdrop which you’ll not be quick to forget either. It is possible to become a bit of an adventurer here by combining an organized trek into the surrounding jungle to see the vegetation and interesting wildlife, and then return to take in the historical site too. This can be undertaken over one or more days.

Archaeological Site
Several major civilizations have lived in this part of Mexico over the centuries. There are archaeological sites relating both the Maya and Olmec periods of in-habitation. Many such locations don’t have much to see, but in Palenque there are many such structures still standing.

Palenque Mayan Ruins

Palenque Mayan Ruins

Palenque attracts many students who have archaeology as the focus of their degree. Archaeologists also often choose this location as part of their Mexican itinerary because of the rich history. The rise and equally dramatic fall of Palenque captures the interest of the intellectuals.
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Hidden City
The Maya civilization was significant here with what is believed to have been a large city (for its time) of 500 dwellings. These were subsequently overrun by the jungle when the inhabitants abandoned the city long ago.

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Work has been ongoing to uncover this once hidden city and now 30 buildings can be seen. These include a palace, many courtyards and an administrative area. There is even a four storey tower which no doubt was used to stare up at the stars as the Mayans were known to be keen on astronomy. Many of the structures have fascinating decorations which indicates the level of artistry that these people possessed and the local water supply comes courtesy of an amazing aqueduct.

Adventure Holidays
Whether you are considering traveling as a group or on your own, Mexico has a number of pre-Columbian sites at different spots around the country. Chichen Itza is one such place with impressive Mayan ruins. Monte Alban and Yaxchilan are also worth adding to your travel itinerary.

Monte Alban Archeological Zone, Oaxaca

Monte Alban Archeological Zone, Oaxaca

Other Cities
If you enjoy visiting places with a rich cultural experience, then San Cristobal and Oaxaca can offer a pleasant way to spend some time as well as beautiful beaches to enjoy the view out to sea.
Oaxaca - Mexico

Oaxaca – Mexico

Mexico is a perfect place to visit due to there being so many different things to do. Whether you enjoy walking up part of a mountainside, trekking through the jungle, taking a gentle boat trip or riding a horse, there is something interesting to do every day. This is, of course, if archaeological finds and historical buildings are just not your kind of thing.

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