Puerto Vallarta – Family Friendly Mexican Holidays

Puerto Vallarta first came to prominence after it was featured in the classic film The Night of The Iguana and the city fast became a meeting place for musicians, artists and anyone looking for a destination that had a cosmopolitan ambiance. Set amongst an array of outstanding natural beauty, many festivals have developed over time in the city and these celebrate everything from haute couture to films.
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These festivals attract visitors from across the world all year round and it has fast become one of Mexico’s premier, and family friendly, holiday destinations. Those whose visits don’t tie in with a festival however, which takes some doing, will still have plenty of fun as this is a multifaceted city that shouldn’t really just be associated with festivals, given that it has so much more to offer its visitors.

Nuevo Muelle Playa Los Muertos - Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Muelle Playa Los Muertos – Puerto Vallarta

Sitting on Mexico’s Pacific Coastline, Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the most incredible beaches on this side of the country. There are no less than 16 glorious beaches around the Puerto Vallarta area, each one as magnificent as the last. Whether your idea of the perfect beach is reclining on a beach chair on a secluded stretch of sand or taking part in some energetic water sports, you will be spoiled for choice here.
Casa Velas - Puerto Vallarta

Casa Velas – Puerto Vallarta

There are far too many luxury resorts and hotels in Puerto Vallarta to mention them all here. With many commanding amazing views over the ocean, you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else with such fabulous choices. The entertainment programs are also second to none where families can join in with fun.
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Eating out
While many of the resorts are all inclusive, which is the most popular option these days for families, it is still worth while venturing out into the city to enjoy real Mexican food at a host of nice local Mexican restaurants. Join the locals in savoring mouth-watering fajitas, tacos and every other classic dish you can imagine. Sitting by the waterfront watching the sun set on the Pacific is the stuff that dreams are made of.
Los Arcos - Puerto Vallarta

Los Arcos – Puerto Vallarta

In a city known for its festivals it is only right we find out a bit more about two of the biggest ones. The Puerto Vallarta Film Festival is right up there with Cannes and Sundance, but its location means it is not that well known outside of Europe. There is over a week worth of screenings as well as workshops, lectures and glamorous parties. It is held every year in November and a good tip for families looking to visit Mexico is to come at this time as it is a lot cheaper but the weather is still fantastic.
Marriott Resort - Puerto Vallarta

Marriott Resort – Puerto Vallarta

Those who visit Puerto Vallarta in the weeks immediately preceding the main tourist season will have the chance to experience the second biggest festival; the Gourmet Festival. This has been running now for 14 years and brings together the finest chefs from around the world to create the finest Mexican fare you will ever taste.

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