The Great Mexican Holiday

Mexico remains one of the world’s greatest unexplored places…
Considering that Mexico is one of the most popular of holiday destinations, the above title may have you furrowing your brow slightly. The fact remains that this country is still largely unspoilt, and by that premise it can also be classed as unexplored. Behind the culture, history, beaches, cuisine, shopping and all the other great things about a Mexican holiday, this is a truly amazing country to discover.
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Whether you are looking for an active Mexican holiday, a cultural holiday or simply kicking back and switching off for the durations of your stay, you will accomplish this in Mexico. The hospitable, native Spanish speaking population are one of the friendliest you will find anywhere, and the combination of all the sights, sounds and people make this a country like no other.

While the majority of Mexicans in the main resorts speak good English, it would be well worth your while to brush up on a few basic phrases if you intend going exploring. The tours which are so popular also take you to areas far off the well beaten tourist path and some Spanish will hold you in good stead here.
You don’t need to be fluent, just enough to get by; greetings, ordering food and drinks, pleasantries etc. Not only is it polite, the locals really appreciate those who have made the effort to learn some of their language, and it can prove to be very rewarding in terms of perks in restaurants. As long as you can make yourself understood they will be happy.
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The two main Mexican holiday areas, which really attract the crowds, are Cancun and Acapulco, and while taking a holiday here is certainly very special, those who want more than an all inclusive break with everything laid on have plenty of other options. There are organized small group tours which give you a good mix of both sides of Mexico or you can plan your own trip very easily on the Internet to take in all the sights you wan to see personally.



The colorful tapestry which is the history of Mexico seems to throw up some new delight at every corner. Museums, monuments, archaeological sites, temples even pyramids are here to explore and enjoy. It seems as if there was a constant stream of different civilizations passing through Mexico at some time or another during the past, and each and every one has left their mark in some shape or form.

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Mexican food is generally considered to be one of the most exciting cuisines’ in the world. You might know some Mexican food names, however, trying them for yourself in a restaurant in Mexico will make you understand of just how great they really are. Chilli lovers will be in their element here as are those who adore seafood. There is a dish for everyone in Mexico, and finding a tiny restaurant in a small town somewhere will give your taste buds the treat of a lifetime.


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