Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Mexico Holidays

Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Mexico Holidays

There are various things you can do during Mexico holidays from visiting the ruins, enjoying Mexico cuisine and many more. If you have been there previously or this is just your first time previously, we do believe that Mexico will leave some good memories for you. For those wanting to explore both history and culture of Mexico, there are some places which can be included on the list. What are they? Check these out!


Enjoy The Taste of Mexico Holidays – Mexico City

Well, if you think that Mexico is about crowded beaches and boring resorts, you may get it wrong. Mexico has more to offer than just boring resorts and crowded beaches. Speaking about Mexico holidays, the first place you want to visit is Mexico city. The city may be overwhelming for the first time, known as the largest metropolitan area, Mexico city has some great things tourists shouldn’t miss when they are here. Mexico city offers a wide range of museums, galleries, and lots of delicious foods. Be more careful with the heat, chances are that it may affect tourists upon their arrival. So if you arrive in Mexico city, make sure that you drink lots of water. You don’t need to worry as you can find cold bottled water sold everywhere.


Where to Stay in Mexico

Of course, knowing where to stay at night when you are in Mexico is also important. Luckily, there are some best places you would like to consider. Here, we have listed a few of our favorite hotels that you can include on your list:

  • Camino Real Polanco Mexico
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This is a five star hotel which has built in an attractive style. The hotel uses modern architectural styles, making it look stylish among other 5 star hotels available here. Some facilities available are non smoking area, garden, outdoor space, guest services, free WIFI, and parking.

  • Casa Oaxaca

If you are in Oaxaca, Casa Oaxaca would be a good hotel you would like to consider. This is a boutique hotel that comes with some nice facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, free WIFI, a terrace with panoramic views. The rooms are also decorated nicely, using a detailed interior design combined with limestone walls. Each room comes with some facilities such as free toiletries, bathrobes, a private bathroom with hairdryer, and a flat screen TV. For those wanting to enjoy Mexico cuisine, Oaxaca is definitely the best place to stay. The restaurants offer a blend of Mediterranean and typical cuisine.

  • Bungalows Breakfast Inn

The perfect bungalows that you can consider on your list, thanks to some facilities available such as delicious breakfasts, well decorated rooms, expensive swimming pool, excellent coffee, and welcoming bilingual staff, the bungalows just feel like home. You would definitely love this one especially if you stay here with your families.


What is Next ?

Once you have known some best places to stay in Mexico, the rest would be a lot easier. If you already know some ruins such as the most famous archeological site of Teotihuacan, you may want to explore other areas. Don’t worry, Mexico is a great country offering various tourist attractions. You can consider joining in the city tour where you can explore more areas in the Mexico city. As we have said earlier, Mexico city is a big city, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about culture, art, history, or you just look for adventure, taking a city tour would be a nice idea.

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Tourists can also see the national palace, which is known as the oldest government seats in the world. It is definitely a perfect place for those who love art and history. Don’t forget to visit the anthropological museum where you can see thousands of artifacts such as the famous Aztec calendar stone. The Mexico holidays would be a very fun journey that you won’t forget in your life, it offers both fun and challenges in one package.

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