Unique Adventures in the Copper Canyon – Chihuahua Mexico

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Copper Canyon is a group of canyons found in the South Western region of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon in the US, even though the Grand Canyon is much larger than any of the individual canyons that make up the Copper Canyon system.

It is actually one of the most stunning natural beauties of Mexico even though it has not yet been given an official status. Due to the fact that it is found in the Sierra Tarahumara it is also a very remote area, offering visitors spectacular views that are not yet spoiled by large tourist numbers.


Dancing Fountains - Chihuahua

Dancing Fountains – Chihuahua


The closest town to stay in during a visit to the Copper Canyon is Creel; however, to the south of Chihuahua City is Hidalgo de Parral which is also an excellent place to stay for those who want a better taste of Mexican culture for their holiday. More than the great accommodations that it offers, it has the perfect location that’s close to Sinforosa canyon, which is one of the best destinations often missed out by tourists.

Hidalgo de Parral - Chihuahua

Hidalgo de Parral – Chihuahua

There are two towns that actually sit inside of the Copper Canyon; Urique and Batopilas. Both of which are very interesting places to stay in while on holiday. Life is much slower and more peaceful in these towns and they are a great alternative for those that want to avoid the buzz of Cancun or Mexico City. Indeed, Copper Canyon offers its natural wonders to tourists who would simply love to live a simple life at least for a few days.

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All of the small towns mentioned above offer restaurants and shops that open in the afternoon. Most of these dining spots close early as they normally only cater to the local townspeople. However, if it is authentic Mexican dishes that you would like to try; these are the very restaurants to go to. Have the beautiful, stylish clothes been mentioned? It is in these tourist spots that you can find the most stylish traditional clothes that are worthy of your hard-earned money. But is it all that Copper Canyon has got to offer?


Copper Canyon: What is Waiting For You?

The best reason to spend your holiday in these towns, however, is the amazing collection of natural splendor tucked away in the canyon. It is not really about the cuisine or the traditional clothing but the nature that is waiting for enthusiastic tourists. You will find plenty of hot springs and waterfalls just by exploring the back country. And those who love being in the great outdoors can choose to travel by horseback, hiking, or on guided tours with local burros.

There are a handful of activities that can be done while you are in Copper Canyon. Every day is a beautiful day to bathe in the hot springs to experience its health and medical benefits. More than the warmth it provides the body it is the warmth that it provides the soul that makes it truly a wonderful place to be in. The majestic waterfalls are a stunning beauty of nature. It is one of those waterfalls that would make you want to take a dip after trekking the mountains in the hot afternoon.

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Chihuahua - Mexico

Chihuahua – Mexico

Perfect Place, Perfect Time?

The best time to travel to Copper Canyon is during the spring or the late summer to autumn as the temperatures of the summer can be scorching. There are actually four very different climate zones that all present different vegetation within Copper Canyon, because of the major difference in elevation of the canyons. This is just one of the many more reasons you can add to your list of why Copper Canyon is a great place to be in for a holiday.

The lowest point is 800m feet whereas the top high plateaus reach up towards 3000m. If you are looking for the great adventure that could go down to your books, then this makes it worth exploring both regions thoroughly. Though experts in the area would suggest that you do so only when the weather is moderate.

You don’t want to risk it, but if it means discovering the beauty behind each canyon, then it’s well worth investigating. The winter often causes sub-freezing temperatures at night on the canyon rim and the summer also brings rain.


Copper Canyon Train

Copper Canyon Train


There are a couple of paths that you could explore when you visit Copper Canyon but how do you decide which one to pick? There are dozens of Raramuri trails that run across the canyon, each seemingly more interesting than the last one. Sadly, most of them are not marked and do not tell anything about grade or the track so a guide is the best option for exploring the area by foot. More than the adventure that it brings, taking these tracks on foot can help you enjoy the gifts of nature in this isolated beauty spot.

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However, if you are the kind of person who would rather go for the most comfortable way possible, you’ve got options too. Many people choose to rent four wheel trucks, mountain bikes, and ATVs from the city of Creel to explore the outer limits of the area on their own.

There are many great attractions nearby such as the hot springs area of Recohuata and the Valley of the Frogs. This is the ultimate hot spring you don’t want to miss out on. The natural hot water is something that is meant to be enjoyed by you and everyone else who traveled for hours to Copper Canyon. It is just one of those beautiful surprises that are waiting to be discovered.


How do you get there?

It is always best to have an itinerary ready before you travel to Copper Canyon. If you can find a tourist guide, a local that can speak English, that would be a better option. Not only will you be taken to the best spots, but they can help you make arrangements for your accommodations and transportation too.

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